Escape from struggling in business to achieve stable business

Using a great website and online marketing system

This is Part 1

Hey there!

I am starting a series of posts directed at small businesses primarily in Texas and the Dallas Fort Worth region, to help them escape from struggling in business to achieving business by utilizing a website and an automated online marketing system.

skip reading and watch the YouTube video- Escape from struggling in business part 1 – How to set up a website.

WOAH! WOAH! WOAH! What did you just say?

I know I may be sounding like I am speaking a different language, so I will try to translate it for you. What I mean, is that I am on a mission to help as many small businesses in Texas and Dallas Fort Worth achieve success as I can. Specifically I would like to work with 40 businesses personally.

But I get a lot of questions from people that are simply not in a position for me to help them as where they are would not do well with my methods. It would be like giving a caveman an automatic rifle for hunting. He will probably do more harm than good. Not that I am calling anyone a caveman.

So the rest of this post and the following posts will be geared to helping people get to the point where I am able to help them with marketing automation, traffic, and even advanced internet marketing.

But what do I even start?

If you ever need direct assistance, please let us know here. We will get someone to help you out ASAP.

Also check out this YouTube video on how to do everything in this article. Check out the video on how to set up and build a website.

Before a small business can do any online marketing effectively, a business needs a website, even a basic one. A lot of businesses start with a Facebook page and other social media, but this simply is not enough. A business must have a broader and more optimized online presence that this!

So I will be walking you through how to setup a website, even a basic one, so that you can start moving from struggling in business to having stability and even growth in business.

Step 1: How to find a domain?

This is pretty easy. We will use Godaddy as an example. FYI, I will be using Godaddy for all my examples as I currently use them for most of my website needs. Should you need any consulting help, just answer the quiz I and I will my best to help you or one of my people will.

Go to, you will see right at the top what looks like a search bar and a green button labeled search domains.

Enter any domain name you may think of and click search. Godaddy or any other service will tell you if the domain is available. They will also give alternatives for you to consider. Keep thinking of ideas for names and searching until you find one that is available.

Pro Tip: Use your business name and/or main industry keywords in your domain

If you ever need direct assistance, please let us know here. We will get someone to help you out ASAP.

Step 2: How to buy a domain?

Once you have found a domain name that you want to use, Simply click add to cart and the proceed to checkout. Godaddy and others will likely tempt you with other items to buy, but they are all unnecessary at this point. Just buy your domain. We will cover how to buy hosting for your website next.

Step 3: How to choose a website hosting company?

We will again use Godaddy for simplicity to buy our domain, but I recommend siteground (in a later post I will go into detail about using different companies to buy domain names and hosting.).

With godaddy, they will offer you to buy hosting when you checkout with your domain. I suggest that you buy the cheapest priced options. This will most likely be a month to month plan. Though this is more over time, it will help with your monthly cash flow to only have small portions coming out. When you buy a domain from Godaddy and hosting at the same time, Godaddy automatically syncs them together so it makes it easy to get started. Hence, why I am suing Godaddy in this post.

Step 4: How to set up a professional email?

But I already have an email!!!
This maybe true, but in the internet marketing world nowadays, you need a proper email. Something like

I will show you how to setup your email with Godaddy. Once you have your domain and hosting bought, proceed with this link to setup email. You will be brought to a screen that looks like this.

You will click on create. It is the button that is a single person and a “+” sign. This brings you to a screen that lets you type an email and set a password. When typing in an email, once you hit the [email protected] symbol a drop list of domains will appear. Select the appropriate domain, then enter your password. Next click create and you are done! Congrats! You have just created your first professional email address!

Step 5: How to navigate cpanel and install WordPress?

You are probably thinking, “Cpanel? What the heck is that?

It is simply the technical backend to your site. If all goes well, you will never have to go here again after setting up your website.

To get here, once you log into your account click on hosting. If you did everything with Godaddy, than it will all be set up for you. Just click on the hosting account with your domain name where it says manage. You have arrived at the Cpanel!

At the top, there should be a section called “Your Building Tools.” Under this section is an icon titled “installatron.” Click on there.

Then at the top click the star, it says, “application browser.” Scroll down and click on WordPress blog. Then click where it says “install this application.”

You will then have a list of information to insert. First, starting with choosing a domain. Second, delete the information in the directory field. Third, all of the options that are chosen for you are fine. Keep scrolling to where it says “administrator email.” This section is where you enter your email and password to login to your website. Finally, give your website a title (should be business name) and tag line (if you have one). All that is left is to click install and you are good to go.

Congratulations!!! You now have a website!

BUT!!!! Now you have to add a a few basic pages.

Step 6: How to add a theme?

I have included one of my favorite themes for you. Its called the Jupiter theme.It comes with 150+ really well done templates and is only $50. To view the templates go to themeforest and check them out. Here is the link. So the first thing is to pick out a theme you like.

Now that you have downloaded the theme and picked a template you like. It is time to add it.

Login to your website. Scroll down to where you see a paintbrush and beside it, it says appearance. Hover your mouse over that and click themes.(don’t worry I will show this in a YouTube video on how to setup a basic website.). At the top click add new, then upload theme. Next, click choose file. Find the theme that you downloaded from the link above.

You will then click on activate when redirected back to the main theme page. You will then need to select your template you want to use.

Step 7: How to add a page?

After the theme and template has been uploaded. Find the posts and pages selection in the wordpress menu. Select each of these and delete the generic post and page there.

Go back to the pages section and click add new. Titled this new page Home, homepage, or something like that. This is where you will add in all of your messaging for people when they land on your website. In the beginning, make the messaging a good sales copy.

Then click publish when done. Repeat this for pages called About and Contact. For the about page, just give information about you and/or the company, staff, or anyone else you want to include. For the contact page, make sure to have a phone number and an email for people to get in contact with you.

Now!!! Congratulations is in order! Your site is completed!!!

If you ever need direct assistance, please let us know here. We will get someone to help you out ASAP.

If any of this has confused you, then jump on over to YouTube to watch me walk you through this whole process. How to set up a website for Texas small businesses.

Stay tuned for Escape Struggling in business Part 2 – How to accept online payments